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Hall and Sloper Trustees

Hall and Sloper's School and Monument Charity


This charity takes the form of a Trust which began in 1727 on the death of Dr Charles Sloper, who bequeathed £500 for the setting up of a school for the children of the poor of both parishes, and the school was founded in 1733. After the introduction of compulsory state education in 1870 the Trust's involvement in the day to day running of the school dwindled and so did its funds. The Trust owned the land on which the school stands but the income was barely enough to cover insurance and the upkeep of school house. In 1981 the school house, which until then had been occupied by the headteacher, was sold. The proceeds of the sale were invested by the Trustees and authority was given by the Charity Commissioners for any income from the investment to be spent for the benefit of the school.


The principles of the Trustees are to spend any income from its investments in support of the school, though not to fund expenses which are properly the responsibility of the central government. The Trustees meet three times each year and co-operate through the Headteacher with the Foundation Governors and the PTA (FOSS) in the allocation of funds. They are responsible to the Charity Comissioners for the correct running of the Trust and have to submit accounts and an annual report to the commissioners.

Life Education Van funded by Trustees

Life Education Van funded by Trustees 1
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