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As Spetisbury is a Primary School, we cater for the last part of the Foundation Stage (Reception year group), Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6).  Children are organised into 6 classes. KS2 is organised into 3 classes, 2 of which are mixed-age classes. The classes are each named after English woodland animals as suggested by the School Council. Each class has a teacher and teaching assistants working with them. We also benefit from Dorset Music Service who teach an instrument to the Y4 class for a block of time each year, and from a team of Sports coaches who work with groups throughout the week and help to provide some of our after school clubs.


Teaching Staff:


Class Teacher Class Name and Age Group
Mrs Venables Squirrels (Reception)
Mr Hunt Rabbits (Year 1)
Miss Smith Hedgehogs (Year 2)
Mrs Orth Badgers (Year 3)
Mrs Hill / Mrs McAdam Foxes (Year 4/5)
Mr MorGan Owls (Year 5/6)



Higher Level Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Knightsbridge, Mrs Margrie


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Butler

Ms Moore

Mrs Casley

Mrs Hitchin


ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant):

Mrs Butler in the Jigsaw Room


School Secretary/Bursar:

Ms Erim



Mr Riggs


Midday Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs Macdonald, Mr Kerperkins, Mrs Druce, Mrs Cox, Mrs Hiscock, Mrs Williams, Mrs Player, Mrs Brown, Miss Pope-Smith



Mrs Player, Miss Pope-Smith, Mrs Feirn

Curriculum Subject Leader Roles and Responsibilities