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Year 4 / 5 - Foxes

Welcome to Foxes

The Fox Family is taught by the amazing Mrs Hill (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday), Marvellous Mrs McAdam (Thursday & Friday) and supported by the incredible Mrs Margrie (every day!).



Foxes spent the day celebrating Easter in a variety of different ways. The school day began with an Easter celebration assembly where our Easter themed artwork was on show.

We then made our Easter basket and put in our Easter nest cakes that we had fun making with our parent helper. Next we carried out some Easter themed investigations involving eggs.

Mrs Margrie had prepared an egg hunt for us with mathematical problems for us to solve before receiving our prize of a chocolate lolly. We all found this very 'eggciting'!. In the afternoon we were all very creative designing and making our colourful Easter cards.

We also got to take part in an Easter egg hunt organised by FOSS which was great fun! 

The day was finished off with an Easter bonnet parade where we were able to show off our imaginative creations!

All in all, we all had an 'eggscellent' day!


Easter Celebrations.


Mountains 1

We were so lucky to have Mrs Pascoe come to visit us as part of our 'Mountains' topic. Mrs Pascoe has had the amazing opportunity to walk to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. She showed us some incredible photographs of her ascent and explained the trials and tribulations of climbing such a high mountain and living above the clouds.

Thank you so much Mrs Pascoe, we were very jealous of your adventure.

Interview with an assistant curate

Interview with an assistant curate 1

Mr Robertson, an assistant curate, came into Fox Class to answer questions about Incarnation, God and The Trinity. The children came up with some amazing questions (which were a challenge for Mr Robertson to answer!) and we all felt we had learnt something new from his visit.

A big thank you to Mr Robertson for enlightening us today.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
As part of World Book Day, Fox Class teamed up with Squirrels. They each had a buddy to read stories to and made book marks together. Foxes didn't want to leave as they were having such a good time. So they stayed for one last story!
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Picture 2
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Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army 1
The Salvation Army 2
The Salvation Army 3
The Salvation Army 4
As part of our R.E learning this term we have been finding out about the people of God. We have learnt about Abraham and Sarah and how Abraham showed his faith in God in his actions. We have then been making the connection between people of God and the modern world. To that end we have been researching the Salvation Army. Foxes have found out lots of information about the Salvation Army including when it was founded and by whom and what they do to help people in our community. We then had a visit from an officer in the Salvation Army who gave us a deeper insight into what they do. Fox Class prepared a lot of relevant questions to ask Katrina and it was a very informative morning. Thank You Katrina

Bread Making

Bread Making 1
Bread Making 2
Bread Making 3
Bread Making 4
Bread Making 5
Bread Making 6
Bread Making 7
Bread Making 8
As part of our D.T. topic called Ready, steady, bake, we have been learning about healthy eating with a focus on bread. Last week, we trailed different types of bread such as baguette, pitta, naan, brown and croissants. We enjoyed evaluating each in terms of flavour, appearance and texture. In our session, today, we have be making 'bread in a bag, in a pot' which is a very easy way to make bread without a mess. We made a basic white loaf and tasted it to decide which flavours we could add to make it a more interesting loaf. We were very pleased with the bread we made today - they all tasted delicious!

OAA Map work skills

OAA Map work skills 1
OAA Map work skills 2
OAA Map work skills 3
OAA Map work skills 4


This term Fox class has been developing their OAA skills in one of their PE sessions. First, we did some team work activities so we understood what made a great team. Next we were given a team challenge called ‘Crossing the Swamp’. We had to get from one side of the hall to the other using only hoops. We were only allowed to stand in the hoops. If we stood outside of the hoops, we had to start again. After a team chat, we all figured out how to do this and eventually managed to get all of our teams across the swamp safely. In our next lesson, we learnt about the eight points of the compass and put these back together accurately. We then followed a set of compass directions around a grid in the school hall. At each cone we stopped at, we had to collect a number. When we completed the trail, we added up the numbers we had collected to see if we had done it correctly. By the end of the session and working with our partners, we all got to grips with following compass directions. We have also leant the OS map symbols for things such as buildings, a river, footpath, school and church. Next week, we are going to be doing some orienteering around the school grounds, which should be great fun! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

Merry Christmas from Foxes

Picture 1

Blandford School Science Lesson

Blandford School Science Lesson 1
Blandford School Science Lesson 2
Blandford School Science Lesson 3
Blandford School Science Lesson 4
Blandford School Science Lesson 5
Blandford School Science Lesson 6
Blandford School Science Lesson 7
Blandford School Science Lesson 8
Blandford School Science Lesson 9
Blandford School Science Lesson 10
Blandford School Science Lesson 11
Blandford School Science Lesson 12
Recently, Fox Class travelled to The Blandford School for an amazing science lesson with Mr Killer. During the two hour lesson, the children learnt which solids, liquids and gases are flammable. The children's favourite part of the lesson was when they got to conduct their own investigation into which Bunsen Burner flame was the hottest, the blue or the yellow. First they filled a test tube with 100ml of water and then timed how long this took to reach boiling point using a yellow flame, then repeated the experiment using a blue flame. They all concluded that the blue flame was the hottest. To finish the lesson, one of the children got to light a mixture of natural gas, which had been pumped through some bubble mixture. This produced a cloud of fire for a few seconds, which wowed us all. The children had a great morning and learnt more about solids, liquids and gases as a result. Thank you to Mr Killer for having us. 

Ancient Greeks

We started by looking at Modern Greece and what it is like today then took a time machine to travel back in time to Ancient Greece. We have been studying about Greek Hoplites (soldiers) and had a go at drawing our own, including all the features, such as a shield, sword, greaves (shin pads), cuirass (body armour), tunic and a helmet made from bronze and horse hair.

Picture 1
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Picture 9

Greek Dance

Greek Dance 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
We started the term off by using our team building skills to make the longest paper chain to decorate our room.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
We have got off to a really good start with maths each day and have improved our maths skills tremendously. 
Picture 1 We always start with our Times Tables Dance.
Picture 2 Next we have quick fire questions to answer.
Picture 3 Finally, after the input, its down to work.